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The Beer O’Clock

This latest project will allow you to double down on beer o'clock by finding out when it is beer o'clock from a beer clock.

Social Distancing Christmas Tree

With more Covid-19 restrictions around the corner, many of us are finding new ways to do the old things. For those trying to do Christmas at a distance, may I suggest a portable home made Christmas tree.

Dumpster Fire 2020 Paper Decoration DIY

There is no doubt that 2020 has been one for the books. In red. At best we had to work from home, at worst you lost your job, house or a loved one. You probably homeschooled your kids. Here's is my guide to the do it yourself dumpster fire 2020 paper decoration.

Bud Light Christmas Tree

Tis the season and all of that. Get into the holiday spirit and whip out one of these bad boys. You don't have to use Bud Light, but I mean why wouldn't you?

Christmas Drink

The holidays are here, and if you enjoy an alcoholic beverage then you'll love this.

Bug Light Touchscreen Spotify Jukebox

Staying home over Covid-19 had us spending more time outside and listening to music. For my next project I turned an empty Bud Light case into a Spotify enabled jukebox.

Retro Arcade Cabinet Build

I decided to build an arcade cabinet to play games on. After doing research online, arrived at the components I would need. There are many great video tutorials that will cover this in much more info & I will link some of my favorite resources.

Bud Light Batman Build (Budman)

Not sure how exactly this came about, but having always wanted a Batman costume, and stumbling across an online tutorial, I decided to make one out of Bud Light beer boxes. Call them cases, cartons, two-fours, whatever you like based on where you live. Here is a breakdown of how I made it & general tips along the way.