‘Tis the season and all of that. Get into the holiday spirit and whip out one of these bad boys. You don’t have to use Bud Light, but I mean why wouldn’t you?

Important step is to check the size of the cardboard you are using – I printed it out & cut it twice as the tree was 1cm too tall for the box.

Make or find a template online, and print it out.

I used this Christmas Tree template. But any will do. Even make your own, not really that hard. Pro-tip though, you only need to make one shape, not two as in the link.

Cut a slit in the bottom of one, and the top of another. The slit will need to be as wide as a the cardboard is thick.

Next, join them together and take a bunch of pictures for your blog.

The next step, attach some LED lights. I went to the dollar store to pickup some LED lights. You could go full Boyle and order some from Amazon, but I wouldn’t do that.

Dollar Store LEDs

How you choose to run these is up to you. You could punch holes in the cardboard and have them mounted from behind, you could run them across or around. I decided to go up the edges.

They are delicate and a little bit of a pain to run.

Final steps is to mount a bottle cap on the top, and light it up!

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