Social Distancing Christmas Tree

With more Covid-19 restrictions around the corner, many of us are finding new ways to do the old things. For those trying to do Christmas at a distance, may I suggest a portable home made Christmas tree.

If you’re getting together in the garage or driveway, or staying separated in your home, you can drop this bad boy down anywhere you need it.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any progress pics as I went.

What I used:

  • Piece of cardboard from a flat of cans
  • Green wrapping paper
  • Not green wrapping paper
  • Dollar Store Christmas lights

You could stop there, but I went further:

  • Thin piece of lumber (post)
  • Left over small square of wood (base)
  • Amazon box (for the base)
  • Aluminum foil
  1. Design and cut out the tree from cardboard. I measured the middle and the height, and figured out how many sections I wanted.
  2. Warp the tree
  3. Attach lights
  4. Attach post to base
  5. Cut small hole in lid of Amazon box, screw wooden based into bottom of the box.
  6. Close the box and wrap it
  7. Cut out the star from leftover cardboard and wrap in foil

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