Retro Arcade Machine

I decided to build an arcade cabinet to play games on. After doing research online, arrived at the components I would need. There are many great video tutorials that will cover this in much more info & I will link some of my favorite resources below.

Ordered a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and controller kit from Amazon.

Note that when you wire these things up, you will see that P1 has a controller board and P2 has its own. Make sure that when you wire it together, that the button you want to be X on Player 1 is in the same slot as the X on Player 2, and so on. If you do not do this, you will have problems mapping buttons in RetroPie. Additionally, always plug the controller board into the same USB slots on the Pi.

SD card flashed with Retrorama Rampage, bare bones up and running with a temporary control panel.

It is very important that you get everything working before you start construction.

For the cabinet itself, I followed this guide here almost exclusively 2-Player Bartop Arcade Machine

Started building the cabinet proper and getting some other components ready, including a proper plug and power switch.

Assemble the cabinet, make sure everything fits

Prep the cabinet for priming & painting

Start putting all the pieces together

Configuring the “soft” power button was relatively straight forward thanks to great work already done by the online community. This article from HooCoo lays it out great. How to Add a Power Button to Your Raspberry Pi.


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